Tuesday, February 21, 2006

toddler voicemail

A transcript of a voicemail I got today:
Kate: "Hi Aunt Wendy! Hi Aunt Wendy!"
Heather: "say who it is"
Kate: "Hi Wendy!"
Heather: "tell her who's calling"
Kate: "Hi Wendy!"
Heather: "say it's Kate"
Kate: "where she'd go?"
Heather: "That's her answering machine"
Kate: "What?"
Heather: "We're leaving a message!"
Kate, sounds like she's running away from the phone: "Hi Wendy!"

I listened to it three times, and I kept laughing at it. I love the image of Kate trying to sort out what this "answering machine" thing that ate her aunt is!

Sunday, February 19, 2006


We went to lunch yesterday at Seven Stars Pepper (43 Places). There were eight of us, and I think I might be able to remember the eight dishes we ended up ordering:
  1. chong gin chicken
  2. house special chicken
  3. hot pepper fish
  4. sizzling rice shrimp special
  5. hand shaven noodles beef chow mein
  6. hand shaven noodles shrimp chow mein
  7. baby bok
    choy and mushrooms
  8. mongolian beef
After a lunch like that, which is like a greatest hits list of my favorite restaurant, every meal for the next week is just ruined right off the bat. We go there often enough that the waitress usually comes over to our table and reels off four dishes that we order a lot and we agree and add one or two more and then maybe get a recommendation for one last dish from her. Thankfully this time we drove down, because walking back up the hill after all that food would have been painful.

I'm at home tonight, listening to music & icing my leg. The airplanes landing at SEA are landing from the north this evening. My apartment has a whole wall of windows facing west, and where I'm sitting, I can see the planes go by, flying the whole length of my windows. One every three or four minutes. They're actually really pretty to watch, flying right over the tops of all the condo towers. (I hesistate to call them "skyscrapers" because those, to me, have to be more than 20 stories tall.)

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Yesterday's suggested tune from the 365 tunes calendar (authored by matos) was Brighton Rock by Elastica. Just downloaded it from itunes, and it's pretty good. I've also been playing I'm a Cuckoo (Belle & Sebastian) a lot this past week- it's such a sweet little song. So over the last week, I've been collecting things that are unexpectedly tricky to do in a cast, and so here are the first two: change the sheets on my bed (it's against a wall, and it's a big pain to either pull it away from the wall or climb over it to deal with the sheets on that side), and walk down ramps or slanted sidewalks.

Spring has already started to arrive in Seattle. When I took a walk down 1st Ave yesterday, the cherry trees were beginning to bloom. There were buds on the tulips, and a few crocuses out! This weekend has been sunny and mostly warm, one of the weekends when I fall in love with our weather. The Olympics are crisp & sharp & gorgeous, and Mt Rainier even made an appearance.

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Elephant Sheltie

mmmm, look what I found in trashcan!

My dog, the yogurt fan. I've been meaning to post this for a while.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

more old, old photos

heather & dave

heather & dave

heather & dave

heather & dave

heather & dave

heather & dave

The last few days, I've been thinking a little about the quote below about the editing that photographers do when they frame an image. As it turns out, I've had a lot of time to look at pictures today with that in mind. I'm in a walking cast, and I've figured out that "walking cast" really means "hop around slowly cast." So in search of interesting things to do from my sofa while I'm icing my leg, I pulled out my negative scanner and went to work on my stacks of negatives from college.

I love this set. All the pictures above were taken on my little sister's first day of college outside my senior year dorm, with her boyfriend- now husband. They look so young! She asked me to take a few pictures of them that day so that she could have some photos to hang up in her dorm room. Looking at this set now though 8 years of experiences, I still see the same faces, but they're couched in different terms now. I keep seeing Kate's face in her dad's smile. Or looking at those trees, I keep remembering the pain I had a few days later in the darkroom, trying to burn in the sky behind the leaves while not overexposing the faces. And while I can't remember now why I clicked the shutter when I did, I do like the end result as a mini portrait of them as a couple. Her face in the last one always makes me smile- I saw that look everytime I annoyed her growing up.

the whole photoset