Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Where is NJ?

A handy Penn Station hack that I learned today from a NJ Transit conductor. If you want to find the front of a NJ Transit train when you're boarding from the platform, turn to put your right shoulder closest to an even numbered track. You're then facing the front (for NJT - the LIRR, I believe, uses the other side as the "front"). This is super handy because I often run down a random staircase in Penn Station, end up disoriented, and take a moment to find a "New Jersey ^" sign to orient myself.

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

mom & her family

mom & her family
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I recently discovered a nifty feature of my scanner. I can scan tiny photos from my grandparents' photo album and get pretty decent largish scans from them. This was a roughly 3" x 4" photo originally but the scan came out really nicely. So that's my mom and my uncle and two of my aunts, as kids.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

summer in NJ

Things that I have not done this week because it's been too hot: go sailing, fertilize my vegetable garden, walk to B&H (right behind Penn Station, geesh I'm lazy) for more film, take the shuttle to Grand Central for the food court.
Things that I'm doing in the coming days: getting my car's bumper repaired, getting a haircut, going to a conference, and hopefully all of the above.

My commute has been lots of fun this week, as I've been download Mythbusters episodes from the iTunes store. Of course then I have to try not to laugh on the crowded train on the way in, I failed at that three times this morning (I watched the cell phone gas station episode). This evening, I'm going out to dinner with Kate and Ana, the second time in a week! The weather is nice today for an outside meal.