Saturday, November 15, 2008

christmas card photo shoot

christmas card photo shoot
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Today was the one day that comes only once, each November. Yes, the annual "take a cute picture of my sister's kids for her christmas card" day. Dresses are pulled out. Squeeky toys to attract their attention are gathered. Lights are clipped to doorframes. And then it's total chaos. This was the first year I shot this in digital, which I suppose made it marginally more workable, although I do miss the black and white photos I usually take.

Anyway, we all sort of survived, and I'm sure next year's photo shoot day will be here in the blink of an eye.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

more music!

I think's possibly been over a year since I've posted anything about music to this blog. Which is insane, because I started it to write about music I listen to, and I certainly still listen, constantly. Probably more now that I have that looooong train ride to sit and enjoy an album.

Here's the mix that I listened to this morning. I've FINALLY got one device that does phone calls and plays music... and it's not an iphone. It's a blackberry flip, and in a week or so I'll write a review of it- I'm still figuring a few things out. I originally wrote about my desire for this kind of gadget in March 2005. Hello progress, nice to see you three and a half years later.

town pants So gadget snark aside, this could almost be a St Patricks day mix. I've been a bit heavier than usual into the Celtic punk/folk thing since our trip to the virginia beach irish festival 4 weeks ago.
  1. Phoenix Park - The Tossers
    A new album to me, which was stupid because they're a wonderful band and it's been out since forever. I love the beautiful melody. I want to wake up to this song every morning

  2. Smokin' Bowl - The Real McKenzies
    Two summers ago, walking down 8th ave in NYC, I remember a few weeks where I played this song over and over and over and over several more times.

  3. Rise Above - Black Flag
    see above comment, sans the hook

  4. A Rainy Night In Soho - The Pogues
    Rum, Sodomy and the Lash... is, I don't know... perfect. I adore this album. I know this is considered an "important" album, but I have such a deep personal connection with it. Walking in the evening, listening to this- I love most of the songs on here too much.

  5. Upstarts and Broken Hearts - Drop Kick Murphys
    One of my favorite songs ever

  6. Blue Period - Smithereens
    amazing use of strings. I listen to this one over and over and over.

  7. Galway Girl - Town Pants
    they played this at the festival, and wow- the hook from this one got stuck in my head for a few days

i voted

This is my 4th presidential election I've voted in. I was 19 in 1996, so I campaigned for Clinton in New Hampshire and voted for him, and I've voted Democratic in every election since. It's been exciting to see so many other people my age who never bothered to register or vote to actually follow through and do both of those this year.