Wednesday, June 21, 2006

babysitting the baby geek

I'm babysitting Kate tonight, and she was quite the teeny geek girl this evening. First, when I walked in the door after getting home from work, she said "oooh, I like your black google shirt!" I asked her how she knew it was a google shirt (so far as I know, she doesn't read yet, although she can do her ABCs). She said "I have a google shirt too, it's white." Which is true, I gave her a tiny toddler size t-shirt, but I'm suprised she picked out the logo on both.

Then we sat down and watched the new homestar runner. She likes Strong Bad. But only after I take the privacy filter off my laptop. When she sits down on the sofa in front of my powerbook, if it's on, she points to the screen and tells me to take it off. After that, we went to maisy to read an online book and play games. After that, Kate wanted some Miffy. "I don't know, Kate..." I started to say. She looked at me & said "You have Miffy in your computer, you have everything." Heh. Three years old, and she understands the internet. Pretty good.

Friday, June 02, 2006


It's been rainy in NYC for 2 days, another opportunity to ponder all the umbrellas in this city. When I was walking to Penn Station this evening, it was raining - not misting, but not very heavy. In Seattle, there would be maybe one or two umbrellas out, but here everyone had umbrellas. I had to be careful not to get poked in the eye walking down the sidewalk. I didn't think the rain really justified that many umbrellas, but it was kind of neat to see a long sea of umbrellas running down the sidewalks, touching each other, all moving towards Penn Station. Then I got there and discovered that it was a zoo-- all the trains on Standby, hundreds of people packed around the monitors-- so I got a smoothie & a WSJ & retreated back to my sofa. Getting squished into a 2 hour late standing room only wet train with hungry and tired commuters for 70 minutes is not my idea of fun.