Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Happy KateThat's Kate with her new bunny rabbit toy, her birthday present from me. She has such a cute smile... and I love how she mugs for the camera. I need to bring a second camera to see her some time, and take a picture of her playing with my SLR. She puts it up to her face and tries to look through it, and turns all the knobs. She managed to get it into 'multiple' mode on me once, and it took a couple minutes of playing with settings that I never touch to reset it. Sneaky kid!

I'm going home and to PVD soon, and I've made a list of things that I want to do during that week:

  1. Eat a bagel from Adam's
  2. go to the Matisse exhibit at the Met
  3. swim with Kate
  4. lots of sailing
  5. hang up a hammock over the brook in the backyard

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