Monday, November 21, 2005

Stickers in the mail

This weekend, I poked around on amazon's mp3 download site and ended up building two CDs for Kate, almost entirely from downloads from here. And I fell in love with this song: Mail Myself to You by John McCutcheon. It has a gorgeous harmony, and I thought it was fitting as an opener for the first CD, since it's being mailed off to Kate. (Other downloadable songs by him are here. He has a lot of great ones.)

Kate has figured this mail thing out a little bit too well- pretty much every time I write her a letter, I include a little pack of stickers for her to play with, since she adores stickers. (I do too, as anyone who's seen my ibook can tell you. She's obviously related to me.) So I mailed a package to her and her mom last month with some baby clothes for the new baby on the way and two books for Kate. But no stickers. Heather called me up after they got the package, and put Kate on the phone. Our conversation went something like this:

Kate: I couldn't find the stickers.
Me: Hi Kate! I miss you!
Kate: I looked, couldn't find the stickers.
Me: Stickers?
Heather, prompting from near the phone: Tell her we got her box.
Kate: I looked in the box. Where are the stickers?
Me: Stickers?

At which point Heather started laughing at my confusion and came on the line to inform me that Kate had unassembled the box and was shaking it upside down, trying to find some stickers. She'd learned that mail from me always meant stickers and was determined to find them in the box. Oops. I've bribed her into loving me again with a couple more packs of stickers since then.

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