Thursday, January 12, 2006

off to meet annika

I'm packing tonight, to go home & meet my new niece (Kate's little sister), Annika. I keep a lot of clothes in NJ, so my suitcase is going to end up looking a bit weird. In it so far- presents for Kate and Annika (I made sure to pick up some Elmo stickers to bring Kate), a hoodie, two tshirts, socks, my ipod, ipod charger, Palmpilot and charger, cellphone and charger, work laptop, VPN, charger, lots of film, my SLR, a scarf, an apple and some cookies for the flight, and two books to read. I think that puts the electronics to clothes ratio at 2:1, if we count the chargers as their own items. Oh geesh, am I a geek.

My packing music tonight is 2001, which has been in my "top 10 albums of all time" since I first heard it. My favorite track on it these days is Still D.R.E., with Xxplosive right behind it. Soincrediblygood.

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