Wednesday, July 19, 2006

summer in NJ

Things that I have not done this week because it's been too hot: go sailing, fertilize my vegetable garden, walk to B&H (right behind Penn Station, geesh I'm lazy) for more film, take the shuttle to Grand Central for the food court.
Things that I'm doing in the coming days: getting my car's bumper repaired, getting a haircut, going to a conference, and hopefully all of the above.

My commute has been lots of fun this week, as I've been download Mythbusters episodes from the iTunes store. Of course then I have to try not to laugh on the crowded train on the way in, I failed at that three times this morning (I watched the cell phone gas station episode). This evening, I'm going out to dinner with Kate and Ana, the second time in a week! The weather is nice today for an outside meal.

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