Wednesday, September 20, 2006


I've been reading the new web worker daily blog recently with a lot of interest, as they have some nice posts about working from anywhere. It's my favorite thing about the dotcom world in general- I'm sitting on a train with a laptop and an EVDO card and getting more work done than I often do in my office. Even there, though, I'm often not at my official desk. So my office is my messenger bag- has my cellphone, powerbook, headphones, water bottle, sweatshirt, and laptop charger. That would be a full office kit for me. I love the freedom to work anywhere that the laptop and EVDO give me. I've gotten very spoiled very quickly.

Last week I bought a new timbuk2 messenger bag in olive/lime green/white. The "olive" shade is actually exactly the same green as my green pebl. Since I love this shade so much, I'm thinking of getting one of the new green ipods, which is also this nice shade of green. Hmmm. (The other choices I'd go for are pink or black.)

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