Tuesday, November 07, 2006

a found morning

My ancient ipod finally died this weekend (almost 4 years old, it lasted longer than many laptops), so I decided to make a small trip to the 5th Ave apple store on Monday to trade in the old one- that store is open 24 hours, so I could stop off before work. When I tried getting into the 123 line from Penn, it was a mad zoo, and jampacked with people. No one was moving, I could hardly make it through the turnstiles (no idea why I went through them, I should have turned around, but I wasn't fully caffinated yet). In any event, once I squeezed though and saw that two trains were sitting on the local and express tracks, going no where, the station attendent made a very crackily announcement, of which I made out something on the lines of "trains stuck at 42nd st" - I think. It was really unclear, but I got the idea no trains in this station were going to help me out any time soon. I decided to give up on my $2 fare and hike to Herald Square for a NRW. Once outside, it was warm, and almost sunny. And gorgeous. A complete "I love this city" morning, so I walked over to 5th and hiked up 5th to the Apple Store. I hadn't walked up 5th in ages, so it was a nice break- I noticed Saks and Lord & Taylor were all set up for Christmas (already!). Sadly, I found out later that the reason why I took that walk was that someone was killed by the 1 train, which gave sort of a sad twist to my found morning of NYC bliss. I still can't get over how lucky I've been, getting to be in NYC every day. What a gorgeous, incredible city.

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