Saturday, December 23, 2006

ice skating

Kate went ice skating for the first time yesterday, in the cutest teensy hockey skates. I had to hold her upright the whole time, but by the end her feet were only sliding out from under her every 3 seconds instead of every .0000001 seconds. Progress!!

Afterwards, we went over to Fosterfields to say Merry Christmas to the animals. Calvin and Hobbes (the Belgian draft horses) came over to say hello when we got there, and Hobbes decided that my scarf was dinner and tried to eat it. So I got horse slobber all over my shoulder. blech. But he's a cute guy so we forgave him. Their coats are really thick for winter already! Then it was time for all the animals to get dinner- the two farmers walked Calvin and Hobbes into their stable, rounded up the 3 cows (Calico was more interested in saying hi to us than going inside), and collected the turkeys. Kate said hello to the cat (named B.C. for barn cat) and all the chickens and roosters. We didn't stay around while the sheep were fed, but they were all clustered at the gate waiting their turn when we left.

When we got home, we made Red Velvet cupcakes for Ana's first birthday. Yum!

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