Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Sometimes I wonder at the ability of my brain to drive down to the train station and get on the right train on basically autopilot every morning. My brain is not particularly functional before I've had 2 cups of coffee, and I only have one before I leave home. This morning was a nice example of how useless I am uncaffinated; last night I'd sat on the right side of the train heading out from NYC and had horrible sunglare in my eyes the whole way. This morning in picking a seat my logic was:
1. the right side of the train had glare going West
2. we are now going East this morning
3. so that means that the right side of the train is on the other side in this direction
4. I'm sitting on the right side
Of course, you see the flaw there, right? Yes... the sun comes up on one side and goes down on the other. So I'm riding along... with the sun right in my face again. Oh well!

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