Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hello, poor neglected blog. Here's a picture of Declan to make up for recent quietness:

lounging dog

And a few other things
  • we had a surprise snowstorm on monday in NJ which left us with several inches of snow
  • I realized what a total nerd I am when I was asked during a demo the other day when epoch time started and I came up with "early 1970" on the spot (it's Jan 1, 1970 and god knows why I remembered the year so well)
  • I realized what a further nerd I was when I could come up with the date of epoch time overflow, which will be UNIX y2k
  • I need to write a few posts about early amazon christmases. Here's a tiny tidbit for now- when I first reported to the seattle Distribution Center, I was put on gift wrap because I was a girl. But I'm a klutz, so I got kicked out after 2 packages

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