Thursday, January 22, 2009


* I wish I could write a shell script to schedule haircuts. What's with this having to pick a phone thing? ;-)
* Currently addicted to Rancid's Olympia WA song. Deeply, deeply addicted.
* I've had a partially written post on We'll Find a Way by the Ducky Boys floating around in my head for a few weeks, and I'm never going to finish it, so here it is in pieces

I never go up to midtown without a lot of grumbling, but I ended up spending the night in a hotel up on 50 something and 7th ave, just on the north edge of Times Square, on Dec 30. I was sitting at the desk, watching the sun go down and turn the skyscrapers a fantastic bright orange color, though the brown tinted hotel windows. It felt so 80s in some very weird way. I was listening to We'll Find a Way and a few other songs on a small playlist that kept looping and looping. Later in the evening I walked my way south down 7th, though the bitter cold, and after midnight back north up Broadway, still with the same mix. This song fit in with the crystal cold, with the blazing orangish lights so well that I now can't listen to it without the "hey nanana"s sounding like a setting sun and sharp cold air. And stumbling past crowds of tourists- walking Times Square a night early- some sense of dislocation, rooted by the chorus coming up and up all evening.

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