Friday, April 10, 2009


I've been a blogging slacker over here, and haven't updated in about a month. How about some fuzzy shelties to make it up?

sleepy declan


On one of my favorite topics, Target printed out a coupon for me the other night for $1 off a "Fur Fighter Kit". I got a huge kick out of it- I've never bought dog food there, so how do they know that I'm surrounded by sheltie fuzz? I do occasionally buy stuffed dog toys for Christmas or the sheltie birthdays, so that must be it. I really wish it had a "click here to see why we recommeded this" on the coupon, do 3 dog toys a year add up enough to recommend a fuzz fighter kit? Maybe I'm buying too many de-lint rollers??

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Kirin said...

Love and warm rememberance for such a cute little dog. Samurai raises a paw and sniffles for him :(