Tuesday, October 01, 2002

Crumpled up next to my desk is a small stack of pages ripped out of magazines. They're ads, photos, scraps of images that I thought would make good mix cd cover images; every so often I ruffle through them, find one which makes me think of a song, and spend a while trying to put it together into a CD. Rubber cement- used for attaching the images to a sturdy piece of paper to write the tracks on for the cover- smells like mix CDs for me now; like hunting through my stacks for a track or lying on the floor & watching my writer's light blink as it finishes up. So different from high school, when I would cart a shoebox of tapes down to my dad's two deck tape player & sit curled up on the floor next to it. Thinking of trying to write small enough to fit all the songs on the tape insert makes me glad for the larger size of cd inserts- more room for more song titles, and the writing can be big enough to read!

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