Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Apple - iBook G4

My sister's iBook G4 arrived at the Geek apartment today to be set up & configured before being sent off to New Joisey. I wanted to set up a screensaver of Kate photos and some rotating desktops for her, but the photos that I use for mine are scattered across a bunch of photo CDs.

Option 1: find all my photo CDs, locate good photos on each CD, upload them, color correct them, and so forth.

Option 2: set my ibook and the new ibook down on the floor, enable sharing on my ibook, go to Network in one of the finder windows on the new ibook. And there was my ibook- connected, copied over Desktops folder, copied over screen saver photos folder, disconnected.

Awesome. I just about did a small "I love Bonjour" dance around my living room rug.

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