Monday, June 13, 2005

summer mix CDs

I listened to The Best of Ride today, and fell in love with shoegazing all over again. OX_4 cover Like I ever fell out of love with it, really. The last two months have been one band on repeat nonstop. So it was a well needed break to go with something that sounds completely different for a little while. Drive Blind is still looping my mind; out of the all the songs it's the one that sounds most like Curve to me, which is my personal shoegazing ground zero. This evening I played Demon Days on my laptop. I've blogged this before, but I was raised on a heavy diet of vintage Beach Boys (look at my name... yes, you'll find it on the Little Deuce Coop album. thanks dad). So I'm walking around, Gorillaz's playing in the background, thinking about how cute some of the songs are, and Don't Get Lost In Heaven comes on, and I thought my laptop had coughed up a long lost Pet Sounds track for a moment. Damon's voice, singing Beach Boys- it's just weird. I love it, but in a skewy, 'i never thought i'd hear something like this' kind of way. Feel Good Inc, which was the first single, is the best track on the album. I bought the single a month ago, and it was a good choice for them. The B-side to that single was even better than a lot of the album tracks.

All this has got me partaking in a summer music ritual, one month late. I make a mix CD on my birthday almost every year, but I forgot (was in NJ, working 13 hour days, dead ibook, everything) to do one this year. That's usually the soundtrack to the first part of my summer, so I'm putting one together now. There will likely be a Gorillaz song and a Ride song on there, and Hey ladies. Now I need to pick out about 12 more songs to fill it out.

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