Friday, June 29, 2007

apricot sunset

The sunset from the train window this evening is a fantastic apricot color. I just had a great evening walking around Greenwich Village with a friend- we got sandwiches, got lost, walked past the house where my maternal grandma grew up, and then got some delicious hazelnut gelato. Yum. It was an evening to remind me why I moved to NYC, there is really no where else quite like it. I do miss Belltown incredibly and I'm looking forward to spending a few weeks there soon, but it's hard to top the Village when the weather is perfect on an early Friday evening.

And to go with my appreciation of life as a Jersey girl, I'm listening to some 80s hair metal music on my ipod- Jump, Come on Feel the Noize, Lay Your Hands On Me. Also in there is Hunger Strike by Temple of the Dog because I realized recently it's long been one of my underappreciated favorites. I'm sitting sideways on the train, watching the sun setting out the opposite windows, just enjoying the glimpses of the sun through the trees as they run past. If summer could last forever I would freeze it right here.

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