Thursday, June 07, 2007

navy blue

This evening I stumbled over an old blog post I'd written about remembering what Dissolved Girl sounds like. It made me pause for a moment and think about my color memory vs my sound memory. I stopped at MJ Trim this morning to pick up a ribbon to match some green and blue material, and I've got the ribbon I picked out next to me. I haven't yet laid it next to the fabric it will go with, but I don't need to. For whatever reason, I can picture colors of things I've seen perfectly in my head, and when I looked at ribbons this morning I could see the exact olive and navy shades that I needed to match. Compared to my memory of songs, which are little soft, too loose, memories that unravel rather than get crisper when I dive in closer. Anyway. I like my color memory, but I wouldn't mind having a better memory for songs. When I read a lot of what I've written about music, I talk about what I see when I hear it and describe it in terms of spaces it suggests. I have a one track visual mind sometimes.

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