Thursday, December 06, 2007


canadian sunset Poli Sci 221 at Wellesley taught me two things (at least that I remember). First, what the prisoner's dilemma game is, and secondly how your brain becomes rather hard wired to see the world through the lens of the culture and background you were raised in. We were talking, mostly, about international relations and yadda yadda heavy stuff. I was reminded of it today, though, for much lighter purposes. I was talking to a coworker about how Boy would like to get back out to sea as soon as possible and the coworker asked me why he would prefer to be on a ship. Seriously, I was stumped what to say. I grew up on boats, and my summer still revolves around the lake almost completely. So, well, it makes absolute sense to me that given a choice between being at sea for a few months at a time and being in a land office, you would take the sea job. Putting that "it's so much better" into actual words, though, was rather hard. And what really stopped me was that he asked- kind of the moment where your implicit worldview becomes visible.

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