Thursday, February 21, 2008

Google Alum Network

From John Battelle's Searchblog
A Lot of Folks Are Leaving Google...
So it's about time to create an alumni relations program!

Indeed. I'm a member. It's an interesting idea, and I found it slightly amusing that they kicked it off in February so immediately everyone was asking about missing W2's.

The part I found most amusing is that I run an informal amazon alum group/email list on google groups - and at the moment the google alum group is mostly a google group as well. Google groups is great for email list hosting, but I really wish that they would work on the part that hosts files and pictures- it should be so much easier to create small custom websites, and have a little blogger instance, and maybe a wiki. Facebook and the massive increases of splogs and comment spam and whatnot have had me thinking quite a lot recently about walled gardens how they really aren't a new thing at all. WELL was a big walled garden, and we've been reinventing it in new technologies over and over and over.

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