Thursday, February 12, 2009


Is "horked" really not a commonly used word? I just used it to describe a mess I'd created baking, and my mom had no idea what the word meant. What really amuses me is that her dad is an electrical engineer, and I'm fairly certain I've heard him use it a few times! Anyway, if you use the wrong type of baking chocolate in a flourless chocolate cake for a family Valentine's dinner, well, you just horked dessert and it's a runny mess. Not the elegant chocolate dessert that should have landed on the table! Anyone want fruit salad for dessert instead?

I've been surrounded by nerds for so long that I think that there are a lot of geeky words that I just use. "Horked", definitely. "Punted" which I picked up at MIT. There's the famous "foo" and "bar" and "baz" and then in security land "Alice" and "Bob." Munged. That's another favorite of mine, especially since perl is affectionally called "a data munging language."

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