Saturday, July 27, 2002

Reading One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately and packing for a move had me thinking as I boxed up CDs. I made a stack of a few albums to sell, but then looked through the ones that I was saving. There are a bunch of CDs that I should probably get rid of, and be embarrassed to own, but can't bring myself to part with. Here are my top 10 albums that I should really toss:

  • Crush, Bon Jovi -it's not even like owning Slippery When Wet and claiming that it reminds me of high school. No, I was 23 and living in Seattle when this came out.
  • Top Gun Soundtrack - I love running to this one. Especially Danger Zone.
  • Living in Clip, Ani DiFranco -live double CD set!
  • Mission Impossible 2 soundtrack - I would sell this one, but it's only worth $1.99 so I can't be bothered. Oddly enough, the score for MI2 is selling used for $9.99
  • real live woman, Trisha Yearwood - I bought this on a shopping trip with Esther, so it stays
  • Angels with Dirty Faces, Tricky - the definition of "the lyrics are so bad I can't stand to play it"
  • Just Push Play, Aerosmith - the only Aerosmith album I own besides Toys in the Attic. It stays because every so often I remember that I like Jaded.
  • Bicycle, Bicycle - is a cute song, but the rest.. blah. Another Esther memory, though.
  • On How Life Is, Macy Gray - She's Donald Duck.
  • A Starbucks Jazz sampler CD- from before I realized that Starbucks makes lousy coffee.

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