Sunday, July 28, 2002

Returning to One Hundred Albums You Should Remove from Your Collection Immediately, I see a mixtape asking to be created. So far:

  1. David Bowie Changes (Hunky Dory)
  2. Oasis Morning Glory ((What's The Story) Morning Glory?)
  3. Pearl Jam Animal (Vs)
  4. Beastie Boys Sabotage (Ill Communication)
  5. Nirvana Come as You Are (Nevermind)
  6. Beatles Let It Be (Let It Be)
  7. White Stripes Fell in Love With a Girl (White Blood Cells)
  8. Macy Gray Why Didn't You Call (On How Life Is)
  9. Sarah McLachlan Building a Mystery (Surfacing)
  10. Beastie Boys I Don't Know (Hello Nasty)
  11. Cocteau Twins Pitch the Baby (Heaven or Las Vegas)
  12. U2 With or Without You (Joshua Tree)
  13. Sarah McLachlan Hold On (Fumbling Towards Ecstasy)
  14. Green Day Welcome to Paradise (Dookie)
  15. Bob Marley 3 Little Birds (Legend)
  16. No Doubt Just a Girl (Tragic Kingdom)

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