Saturday, July 27, 2002

Trace - Son Volt

This album spent a few quiet months in my CD collection -before this week, I'd only listened to about three times. I bought it in the middle of discovering alt-country (Pneumonia > 89/93: An Anthology > Yankee Hotel Foxtrot > Trace), but it was overshadowed by Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and 89/93. Then I found it under my chair a few days ago, and put it into my CD player. I could smack myself for missing what I'm hearing now.

No Depression Archive - Trace review
by Peter Blackstock: And then there's "Windfall," the first song on the record and an instant classic if ever I've heard one. It shines with an irrepressible warmth and a truer sound, like the TV's glowing cathode-ray tube, the AM radio in the dashboard, the ashes from the dying campfire drifting into the distance on a southbound summer breeze. May the wind take your troubles away.

I'll leave it at that. It's a great album.