Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Jennie Bomb - Sahara Hotnights
1:20 into the first song on this, and the only thought in my head is "fuck yeah" -this is a sweet song. It's got beautiful bass playing (Johanna Asplund, you're amazing), but there's more than that; mostly a shock on my side that the album lives up to all my hopes that I didn't even think I still had. On Top of Your World slows down a bit from the energy of the first two, until the chorus- words jangled together in a mash, but I adore that it's Your World, not My World, and I hope it's Your intentionally, not a mistranslation. Sitting crosslegged at my computer this week, trying to concentrate on coding, not the music, I listened to this on repeat, catching myself bobbing my foot off the edge of the chair to every other song. I've played it for some friends, but it still feels like my CD, a secret arrival just to yank a smile of appreciation out of me when I'd rather be pissed off. I can't believe how much I love this; sure, it's got a slick production sound to it, but these are great guitars, perfect songs with hooks that keep slipping up between drumbeats pounded out and pushing the songs up to the 3 minute mark, one swift fadeout, and they're over. At thirtyish minutes long, my 9 hour day probably had 18 playings Only the Fakes Survive but it's never enough. They sound amazing trading off between singing together and a solo voice, doing the same tricks I've heard on other albums, but I couldn't care less. I'm not usually quite so gushy about a new group, and a bit of me turns over the case and extrapolates out to next month when new music arrives, whether it'll sound as good played only a few times a month. I think it will, but I've thought that before about other albums. Long term classic or not, this is greatest album I've heard recently. (repeat: free mp3 from the album)

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