Saturday, September 21, 2002

Palm OS Datebook vs Datebook+
At long last (why didn't I google this before?) the mystery of the difference is between the two seperate datebook apps on my handspring have been solved. Of course, it raises a new question- why put both on? And how do I remove the extra one? For a geek, I'm far too inept with my Palm Desktop software. This was prompted by my ever growing list of things that need to be done, which I resolved to plow through today. I've got my iTunes keyed up with a new Music for Doing Boring Stuff To, [tm] playlist in the hopes that it will motivate me to get through everything.

Post Punk Chronicles: Left of the Dial: This is one of my favorite albums for plowing through things -for me it's a mixture of music I never really heard in the 80s and favorite songs from artists I adore, just like all good mixtapes should be. Some of the songs I don't really like (I'm in Love With a German Film Star), but it's balanced out by so many other classic songs that the album is still one of my most-played. My favorite songs from it: Radio Free Europe - R.E.M, Outdoor Miner - Wire, Sugar Hiccup - Cocteau Twins, Eye of the Lens - The Comsat Angels.

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