Monday, September 02, 2002

Reading schedules is apparently beyond my abilities. I was really looking forward to seeing Wilco at Bumbershoot today, but I misread the schedule, and thought that they started at 2 PM instead of 1:30. So I didn't even leave home until 2, thinking there was no way they'd be running on time. Instead the set was well underway by the time that I got there- but at least they played a long encore at the end. They were wonderful, I just wish I'd arrived 30 minutes earlier! At the end of the encore Jeff Tweedy asked "We have time for one more- do you want to hear a new rock song or an old rock song?" I couldn't make out much of what the crowd was yelling, but they launched into a song in a few seconds anyway. At the end, I stood up to leave, but the band swung right into *another* song- which was a really nice one, but I don't know which was the new song or the old song, or the titles of either. I didn't hear them play any YHF songs, but they might have done a few in the first part of the set.
Puppy & I walked back over later to watch The Mekons, who were also great, but we got completely drenched, as Seattle proved unable to let an entire weekend go by with warm sunshine & clear skies.

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