Wednesday, September 11, 2002

New York New York on the radio this morning- I don't usually like Ryan Adams too much, but I adore this song. Hearing it seemed to be the best rememberance of a year ago that I've seen or heard today; admittedly not too much, because I'm too sad to look at a newspaper or go to any news web site.
I spent a long time this morning looking at an undeveloped film canister sitting on my bookshelf. When I moved, I carried it here in my pocket, then took it out & put it on a bowl on the bookshelf right inside my door. It's one of the first things I see every time I come home, right next to where my keys go. I need to bring it to a photo store to be developed before it's too late, and I hope that seeing it every day will budge me into action on it. The roll has the last photos that I ever took of my best friend; at a picnic, a few weeks before she died. Her friend was playing a guitar, and she sat next to him, singing; I sat 4 feet away & took a bunch of photos of them. I finished the roll at the end of last August, then forgot to develop it. When I noticed it again early last October, and realized what it was, I couldn't force myself to drop it off at the photo store; I don't want these prints in my hands.

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