Friday, August 02, 2002

Call Our Hands - French Kicks
I'd heard the first two minutes of this earlier in the day without knowing which track it was. I had to stop the CD player a moment after the lines "Should be making some noise by now..." -and they lept right into my head a moment later where they played over & over. Tonight, searching out the track number on the album is so sweet with anticipation- I knew it was a few songs in, so I started with the third song; a few seconds, that wasn't it & skipped on. I love this kind of waiting- you know the song is in there somewhere; the first notes of each play louder in your head as you think about whether this your new favorite song, waiting to hear what's in your head come pouring through the headphones. Next-- no, this still isn't the one in my head, and again through the first 50 seconds of the fifth track. At :30 of the sixth track (I have the UK version-- it's #4 on the US release) the drums come in, and I consider the sound. A few moments later, it's yeah- this is the one! and the repeat 1 button goes on. I'm a sucker for a pop hook like this, so I've been happily bobbing my head for a good 10 minutes now, no desire to skip on to the next song. Oh yeah, the album: Young Lawyer EP. It's generally rather good, but most of the songs bury the vocals too deep under the guitars & drums (which are just huge on a lot of songs), something which I like in moderation but tends to turn me off after a few listens on most albums. It's largely fixed on One Time Bells- probably why I prefer that to Young Lawyer. There's a great little review of this here:
From the opening chords of Young Lawyer, it is evident that the band has cranked it up a notch with finer production, tighter musicianship, and improved harmonies. Nick Strumpf's off-kilter drumming and Josh Wise's keyboard work groove perfectly on the opening of The 88 while Matthew Stinchcomb's edgy guitar work is at its best on the hooky Call Our Hands. There isn't a moment of Young Lawyer's 22 minutes that doesn't rock with abandon. - from Summer EP Roundup

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