Monday, August 05, 2002

Newbury Comics in Boston - I used to go to the one in the MIT student center until it closed, discovered Curve in the Newbury St one, and thinking of the one in the Garage in Harvard Square brings the smell of cloves cigarettes to the tip of my tongue. I don't know if they still sometimes give out free CD samplers, but I still have one from 98- A Wicked Good Sampler Vol. 2 which has some nice songs on it. I lost the case in some or another cross- country move, so I no longer had the names of the artists or songs. After playing The Walkmen on a drive home from work- and getting massively annoyed with it yet again- I put the sampler into my computer. I'd kind of forgotten that it could look up the track and artists names automatically- or didn't think that it would find anything for this one- so I'd never bothered with this before. Somehow, it did find a match. The track listing that I now had back surprised me- one of the songs was by Jonathon Fire*Eater- which The Walkmen came out of. Even better, it was a song that I loved (When the Curtain Falls for You) and the one that I'd pulled out the sampler just to listen to.
I can't get enough of it. The way he sings "I'm just ahanging from the rafters..." always grabbed me, and even better is the last verse (2:34, right after a small pause).
Previous to this Jonathon Fire*Eater for me = was "destroyed by hype" by writers predicting the same would happen to the Strokes. Anyway, I bought Wolf Songs for Lambs, and sadly the rest of the album doesn't share this song's bluesy strength.

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