Saturday, August 31, 2002

Doing some more unpacking, I found an old zip disk from my last semester of college with a bunch of mp3s on it. Since I used to have to go to a media lab to work on my independent study, I had to carry all my files around on zip disks, so rather than bring CDs, I had ripped a bunch of songs to 1 of the zip disks.
So this is the mix that I listened to for hours & hours that spring, working on finishing up my degree:
  1. I don't wanna know, Indigo Girls
  2. Zoo, Curve
  3. I Speak Your Every Word, Curve
  4. History Repeating, Propellerheads
  5. Water is Wide, Indigo Girls
  6. Dissolved Girl, Massive Attack
  7. Nothing Even Matters, Indigo Girls
  8. Prime Audio Soup, Meatbeat Manifesto
  9. The Colour Hurts, Curve
  10. Love's Recovery, Indigo Girls

It's making me wish for a 11:40 PM run to Dunkin Donuts for munchkins and coffee.

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