Thursday, August 01, 2002

Interpol -Turn on the Bright Lights
Now this is amusing me for some reason- this album doesn't come out for another 19 days, but AMG already has keywords entered for it: "Volatile, Brooding, Cathartic, Intense....."
I've been listening to PDA this week, and I've decided that the best part of the song is the slow ending- from about 4:50 until it ends, "Nothing to say, Nothing to do" in that slightly echoing distant voice that makes me think of cheesy 80s songs, although I can't think of any right now which actually sound like that.
Anyway, go read a piece about The Rapture which relates to the "does Interpol sound like Joy Division or not?" question. I have no answer to that, by the way- I've only heard about 3 Joy Division songs in my life.

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