Tuesday, August 06, 2002

Recent Disappointments:
You Held the World in Your Arms [CD-SINGLE] - Idlewild
"It's like your life hasn't changed and it's three years later" -so apt. I had some high hopes for this song, and it is catchy in a shaken-up kind of way. The jump to a great song never happens- it's just plodding along, skimming across a nice guitar line, and trying to pull off a great-big-anthem feel that doesn't materialize.
Highly Evolved - Vines
I kind of considered myself warned when I bought this album, having read a lot of spotty reviews of it. Even so, their song Get Free was amazing when I heard it, so I figured it was worth a try. The first song, Highly Evolved, starts off on an interesting rhythm, and has a hint of the back-of-the-throat singing from the chorus of Get Free. The second song I've been skipping- nothing in the first 20 seconds interested me. Outtathaway has a guitar that reminds me of the start of Blur's Trimm Trabb, but doesn't do anything interesting with it. Pretty much everything else on the CD is unremarkable, other than Get Free which I still enjoy.

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