Thursday, August 01, 2002

The Stone Roses - Stone Roses
Woke up at 7:30 AM this morning when the light got too bright to ignore. Stumbled out of bed, collapsed on the sofa with my laptop and fidgeted around, trying to get the glare off the screen. Eventually stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee- remembered to actually put the pot all the way on the burner plate this time so that it wouldn't spill all over the counter. Took the coffee out on the deck & sat facing south for 15 minutes, eyes still not opening, no thoughts in my empty head; admired zen state. At some point took a shower, because my hair was wet. Tracked down some CDs for work, debated walking in, and decided environmentalism be damned, it was already 9:10 somehow. Stood in bedroom, looking at CD cabinet, and opened a drawer (at random? they're not organized other than a singles-albums split, so who knows what's in each section...) and pulled out the Stone Roses. The lemons looked summery for maybe the last bright morning this month. Started driving, and finally woke up to She's a Waterfall- I almost heard a switch click in my brain as I finally noticed where I was. Thought of the first time I heard this album, also sitting on the deck, and how it was love at first listen. Decided I have three categories of music I own: one is fell in love the first time, one is took a long to actually hear what was happening but now adore, and one is heard once, was turned off, but keep around in vain hopes of coming around. Was thankful I never had to come around slowly to this one, as long at I ignore the middle tracks.

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